The Sexy Brutale: Full House Edition


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“The Sexy Brutale: Full House Edition” PlayStation 4 physical edition features:

The Sexy Brutale game.

Official Soundtrack CD.

Exclusive full colour studio manual highlighting the inspirations behind the game.

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Pre-Order Details:

Pre-order items are retailer dependent and will be either a unique comic book by Enrique Fernandez OR an exclusive game artbook. Further release details to be announced.


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A never-ending masked ball

The Sexy Brutale is a 3D Puzzle & Adventure game, developed by Cavalier Game Studios and Tequila Works, a never-ending masked ball featuring intrigue, murder and the quite possibly occult. Players must unveil the secrets of The Sexy Brutale casino mansion and its inhabitants, as they relive the same mysterious and murderous masked ball. As the story unfolds in real-time, the player must find answers to every enigma and end the loop, to save all guests’ lives as well as his own.

The Marquis’ Mansion

The Marquis is renowed for his annual masked balls, his ecletic taste in friends and his rand casino mansion, “The Sexy Brutale”. But this year’sparty is very different. Something truly terrible has turned the ball into a nightmare where the staff stalk and murder the guests. And when the clocks strike midnight….the same day begins all over again.

A bit more on the gameplay

The game is a looping-time murder mystery adventure. The player takes on the role of elderly priest “Lafcadio Boone”, who is one of the guests at the mansion.  You wake up during the annual masked ball thrown by the casino’s owner — the enigmatic “Marquis” — only to discover two unexpected things:

  • The staff members are murdering all the other guests
  • Something strange and possibly occult is happening to make the same day happen over and over again.

Your only chance of escaping, it seems, is to hide from the staff and other guests, watch what they do during their day and try to find the key moments where you might be able to save their lives.


  • Unique “Groundhog Day” puzzle concept – hours of gameplay exploring a single day from different perspectives and locations.
  • Watch, listen and learn until you are ready to act to save each guest from murder.
  • Multiple areas of the mansion to explore, each with its own scenario, characters and puzzles.
  • Darkly-humorous murder-mystery story spanning the entire mansion.
  • Exotic cast of characters, including 9 guests.
  • Acquire special powers by saving victims to progress deeper into the mansion and uncover the secret at the heart of The Sexy Brutale.


What’s unique about The Sexy Brutale?

The Sexy Brutale” is more than just an ordinary puzzle adventure for several reasons:

In this game you are not just exploring a static world, you’re exploring a small, dense world as it exists for a fixed period of time. You see characters live their lives, events unfold and stories develop. Although it is one big story, you experience it as countless little small stories – stories that were built in a non-linear order, in the order you chose to explore them.

Rather than being static bits of scenery that spout dialogue when the player interacts with them, the characters in this game have tiny lives and routines of their own. It’s not just what they say that allows the player to get to know them, it’s what they do.

Rather than having to rely on obscure, nested puzzles with dozens of steps or bizarre leaps of logic – the game poses questions that really are just testing the players’ understanding of the stories playing out in front of them. The joy of the game is in absorbing the narratives in your way, and then thinking about the “chink in the armour” – the way you can slip in and change what happens. It’s not about banging your head against a static world, giving you no further information on what you need to do or how it might be done – your goal is always clear.

There are also 4 pillars that define the game:

•Never-ending “Groundhog Day” looping time, creating a unique opportunity for the player to freely engage with concurrent stories.

•Spy, eavesdrop and hide in order to learn each individual narrative playing out across the house, while avoiding contact with the possessed Masks.

•Intriguing murder mystery puzzles to be solved through observation and deduction.

•The mansion forms a fully interlocking “clockwork” world that ultimately tells one grand, twisting story through the days of its colourful and varied cast.


Character Bios

Reginald Sixpence

Trinity Carrington

Clay Rockridge



BadLand Games will publish the puzzle adventure game The Sexy Brutale as a physical release for the PlayStation 4 only.





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