Necrocosmos: There is no god up here


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Set in the year 5.135 NT (3.870.053.315 AD), it has been millions of years since the Earth became uninhabitable and thus humans now live scattered in colonies all over the Milky Way. Wars between species, federations, and colonies have made the galaxy a constant war zone where peace is but a flimsy mirage created by the governments to control the population. In this environment of pure conflict, many have started to venture in the unknown galaxy of Andromeda (which is getting closer to the Milky Way and will, eventually, fuse with it in the future), in search for new knowledge, resources, or simply a place to live.



Not all adventures start with heroic deeds and this one is not an exception. Max Weaver’s mission is simple: find a group of missing scientists that were in the middle of an investigation project called EXEO in Andromeda. An easy, boring and quick mission (locate a bunch of corpses and steal anything valuable), or so it seemed… for what was expected to be simple mission will end up becoming the worst and deadliest nightmare ever lived and seen.

What is Necrocosmos?

An exploration and investigation game, full Metroidvania style with 8-bit aesthetics and inspired by the great classics of the genre. Combining story and playability in an open galaxy universe, this is a hardcore experience that you can only overcome by combining the DNA of your enemies in the DNA-Gun.

Do you dare to uncover the dark secret of Necrocosmos?

In Necrocosmos, you will be able to travel to the ends of the universe and explore unknown, unravel hidden mysteries, and fight against threats that you would have never imagined!


Star Travels

With the help of your spaceshipATILA-1, you will travel through Andromeda, defending yourself against the multiple and threats that will hinder your journey. There will be destinations and routes that may be too dangerous, but don’t worry! You can upgrade your spaceship to overcome even the worst threats! The duration and difficulty of spaceship stages will depend on the length of the journey and the type of areas you are traveling through. These areas will be generated based on events that will be procedurally ordered and are also designed to follow intelligent patterns, so every journey will be not only different, but also challenging for the mind like old school games.



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